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InTechgrity Automotive Apprenticeship Program

We need to continue to build a brighter future for all of humanity. In the skilled trades, we have convinced most of the population that working with our hands is somehow a bad thing. After all, we wouldn’t want to get dirty, would we? But the demand for all the skilled trades is huge, and for automotive technicians, the future is bright indeed.  Automotive Technicians need to have a firm understanding of every single engineering discipline: mechanical, sure, but also electrical, chemical, fluid dynamics, hydraulics, and, seemingly more and more (and more-and-more) computers.

Automobile technicians have one of the most challenging jobs on the planet. Think about it: A pile of technology weighing one and a half to several tons lumbering along a pot-hole filled, seemed concrete highway at 75 miles per hour. What could go wrong?

Our Team fixes it all.  Remarkable.  The talent necessary for this job is real, as are the opportunities.

To help fill some of the gaps, and transfer our veteran technicians\’ incredible knowledge to the rookies, we have instituted the InTechgrity Automotive Excellence Apprentice program.

We match new technicians with our seasoned professionals. The master technicians guide the apprentices through the amazing complexities of the auto repair world. The program brings the next generation of Excellent Technicians along, showing them the right way to do diagnose and repair, and the many surprising solutions to some of the toughest repair challenges. The master technicians receive assistance from the rookies and get more work completed. Everyone wins. Especially our Excellent customers.

Helping as many people as we can. What could be better?

\”It\’s important to be willing to take time out of your day to show these guys the ropes, show them how to diagnose and repair properly, in addition to them doing training classes. \”

-Alex Morales
Master Technician


Mon-Fri: 7 AM – 5 PM

Closed Sat-Sun


4912 S Federal Blvd.

Englewood, CO 80110


7395 Federal Blvd.

Westminster CO 80030

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