“As the Fleet/Facilities Manager with Bonfils Blood Center for over 9 years, selecting InTechgrity Automotive Excellence was my first action to provide Bonfils Blood Center with safety business continuity, and longevity for a busy, aging fleet. Since 2005, InTechgrity has provided a preventive maintenance program for Bonfils fleet of 45 vehicles ranging from NPR Box trucks and custom passenger shuttles to small sedans.”

Curt Larson, Bonfils Blood Center

“They’re always quick and efficient with whatever service I need done to my car! Employees are always very friendly and inviting. I have never had a bad experience here. Tim has always made sure to give me a play by play with what is being done to my car and always ensures that I’m going to be taken care of. I would definitly refer this shop to anybody.

Maryann W.


“I have some pretty phenomenal people in my life!! Yesterday, as I was driving to pick up the kiddos I watch from school, the transmission went out in my car. I coasted to a side street, laid my head on the steering wheel and wept. Seriously, the transmission?!!? A week before Christmas! � After my few minute pity party, I reminded myself that there are people dealing with much larger disappointments…that wish it was just a car issue. (That’s fixable). A HUGE thank you to Austin H for coming to the rescue and picking me up, and our sweet Molly for letting me use her car for a few days…and finally, Todd Blitstein, of InTechgrity Automotive Excellence….I have no words to describe your generosity, but know, we are beyond grateful….from the bottom of our hearts!

Lori M.


“The men here are really kind. And they actually want to help you. It isn’t all about the money. Thank you!

Evelyn H.


“This place is amazing. Their staff is so knowledgeable and they don’t try to upsell everything. They cut the B.S and tell you the truth. They’re so reliable and honest. Will NEVER go anywhere else. Such great people specifically Tim. If you want a place you know you can trust -this is it. 10/10 will come again. I wish I could give it 10 stars

Elizabeth C.


“This place is absolutely amazing. And the staff members are so nice! Tim was very professional and upfront and I really appreciated it. Definitely will recommend!

Josh S.


“They have been great, accommodating, & beat competitor’s prices.

Russ S.


“These guys have been great! Fast and friendly service! Highly recommend.

David C.


“Wonderful people
Great service.
Did a great job on my daughters vehicle
For transmission and oil change

Kathleen G.


“Honest and friendly with a desire to help aide a broke college student. Thank you guys so much!

Dylan F.


“Customer Service was great and easy scheduling an appointment!

Laura C.


“Amazing experience all around! Thank y’all so much!!

Chelsey S.


“We have been a satisfied customer for the past 5 years and know that relationship will continue to be a benefit in the years to come. I strongly recommend them to any business owner looking for an affordable, courteous, and service-oriented provider of mechanical reconditioning and/or fleet maintenance.”

Adam Nelson, Autotrek

“Got my lift kit, tires and rims here for my f150, the whole experience was great!

Cayla B.

“To start I have a 06 Jeep Wrangler that seems to be plagued with problems.

I was in search of a local repair shop to handle some wiring issues I had. Turns out I needed a new computer, did my research and found InTechgrity. They gave me all the costs up front and kept to the prices agreed on. Unfortunately, had another issue with the Jeep and they were up front again on the pricing and helped out a little since everything that I was getting repaired was really adding up. Great group of people and are really helpful in identifying and correcting issues. I also want to add that they really do cover their work. After repairing the computer and turn signal, the signals stopped working and they got me back in right away and repaired the issue for no cost.”

Mark M

“I would like to take a moment to not only thank InTechgrity Automotive Excellence for managing our fleet, but to highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solution to fleet maintenance. We travel roughly 440,000 miles per year on our fleet, before InTechgrity our maintenance was always a last minute rush to avoid a breakdown, or worse yet a damaged or destroyed asset. InTechgrity has streamlined our maintenance so its hassle and chaos free on our end.”

Jonathon Groves, TEAM Industrial Services

“InTechgrity automotive really knows how to treat people right. They provide low cost repair and high quality work. We have 4 cars and they will be the only ones to service all of them!

Jeff R.

“Couldn’t find anyone to jump start my truck, called intechgrity automotive ( 10 minutes prior to closing) to see if they could assist me. To my surprised they were very helpful and a mechanic arrived 15 minutes after calling them. Very professional and highly recommend. Thank you Rob and Brandon.

Vien N.

“Best service and people in town.

Maria A.

“We moved here 2 years ago. We send all our bnb guest here and family when having car trouble. We used them our selves was happy with the work. The price is average but they are honest.

Air BnB

“Been going since I moved out here 3 years ago. Very friendly and helpful.

Sam P.

“Very reliable always on time, I would not take my cars any where else.

Eddie E.

“Very reliable and honest shop. It is a good feeling to know I can trust InTechgrity  to do a great job!

Michael M.

“We’ve been bringing our vehicle here for a few years. We have an old truck, and these guys have always been great about letting us know what urgently needs repair, and what can wait a little while longer while we save up our money to finish the repairs. They also email you a detailed inspection list to help you plan auto repairs accordingly. The guys are very friendly, and they are great about explaining the issues of your vehicle in a way anyone can understand.

Starry P.

“These guys fit me in on short notice for my alignment! Have been really easy to work with a friendly! Highly recommend.

David C.

“Full disclosure, I know the owner and family. The service I received was exemplary! I needed tires, alignment, and service on my windshield washer system. Since we put limited miles on the vehicle and virtually all that on pavement I didn’t want super tuff or rugged tires; serviceable would do. Steve put in a lot of time finding the right tires for me. The appointment for the tires and all took but 2 hours during which I listened to a lot of conversations between the front-end guys (Daniel, Tim, Steve) and customers. Seemed to me everyone was taken care of honestly and professionally. I even overheard a discussion concerning an older vehicle which needed a lot of work, some of which was safety related. The guys were very clear as to what needed to be done NOW (e.g., all the safety issues), and what could be delayed over time (included mechanical issues as well as accessory light issues). It was obvious a great deal of care had been taken in a thorough inspection of the vehicle and an honest assessment presented. This is my SECOND visit to InTechgrity; the first being the inspection of a vehicle being purchased by a family member. They again did a completely thorough job with the inspection. Yes, I got a great deal because we’re friends BUT, the work was fast, complete and the vehicle now drives like new! And they did followup to assure that all was fine! How often does that happen?

L. L E.

“I definitely recommend coming here. Everyone here is very professional plus very reasonably priced definitely my go to place from now on.

Brian H.

“Great experience. Just an oil change but they did a general inspection as well, very helpful. The staff is very nice and great. Come here!!!!

Kerry F.

“Best car experience I’ve had in forever. What tops off the experience is the absolute top notch customer service.

Maxwell S.

“Quick service. Employees succinctly explained issues without trying to oversell anything. While it was pricy, my car was pretty overdue for maintenance. Cheaper than any nearby competitors.

Dylan P.

“Had 30K service done fire my 14 corolla. Toyota authorized dealer was asking $209, but had it done her with Groupon for $49. They were far & thorough and did my 30K Toyota recorded service including Synthetic oil change and tire rotation in 30 mins. Will definitely recommend this place and do all future services with them.

Satheesh K. S.

“I had a flat tire in July 2016. I had an urgent family situation and couldn’t waste time. I took my car into IntechgrityAuto. They were responsive in fixing my tire quickly. I really appreciate their help and quality work. They were friendly and professional. I will be back soon for regular maintenance and any repairs.

MaryAnn H.

“The very best to say the least, ive been coming here for years they are friendly and knw what they are doing….. This is the only place i trust with my car. Thanks guys!

Ebony M.

“Quality, friendly and great customer service.

Freselam I.

“I go here for my oil changes… prices are good with the groupon… they run on time and I am in and out quickly.

Timothy W.

“We have taken our cars to Tim at (now) InTechgrity for many years and have always been very pleased with the service. We are treated with kindness and respect, always receive our vehicles back quickly (or are told that they are busy and when they can get to it), and the problem is always solved. We have nothing but great things to say about InTechgrity and would recommend everyone to take their vehicles to them!!

Steve E.

“Very nice guys. They are associated with AAA, so you know they are good. Got my car in and out in a day!

Caleb S.

“InTechgrity Automotive Excellence is the best shop I have ever been to. These Guy are friendly, honest and take great care of all my vehicles. I will never go anywhere else.

Justin T.

“I haven’t had any large repairs done here, but have had oil changes, diagnostic work, and small repairs. They have always seemed to be very honest and have reasonable prices. I had to call once about a mistake that was made with my car at another repair shop. They took my call and provided helpful advice.

Tim F.