Money Savers

We know that vehicle maintenance is not fun. You don’t walk away with some new shiny item when you have your vehicle maintained. All you get is your vehicle back, still running. Where is the fun in that? 

But what you really do get is peace of mind that your car is safe and that you will not be breaking down on the side of the road. You also get significantly reduced costs on repairs. By doing regular oil changes with us, we will inspect your vehicle every time it is in to insure that you get the most out of your vehicle. Here is a real world example: when we inspect your vehicle, we catch parts that are wearing out before those parts fail, and potentially lead to other failures. The perfect example is brake pads. Replacing brake pads when they are worn down, but not out, maximizes the value you get from those pads, but keeps the rotors in good shape. If the brake pads are not inspected and they wear out, they will do significant damage to the rest of your brake system. This increases your costs by 3 to 4 TIMES what you would have paid for just the brake pads.


It is not fun, but neither is flossing, working out, or watching what we eat, but we know we should do all of those things. Proper maintenance simply pays. We also offer a nationwide parts and labor warranty for 36 months or 36,000 miles. That’s as good as it gets in the industry today. Even if you break down in another state, our warranty service network will kick in and get you back on the road, with no cost to you. That is the kind of peace of mind you deserve.

When you join our family, we will take the hassle out of keeping track of your vehicle’s maintenance needs, including technical service bulletins and recalls, so you don’t need to worry about them. We guarantee that maintaining your vehicle the InTechGrity way will save you money on repairs, worry, and maintain the best possible value of your vehicle.

Give us a try, and see what InTechGrity Automotive Excellence is all about.